The Alberta River Surfing Association (RSA) was founded in 2005 and incorporated in 2011 as an Alberta registered not-for-profit.  The Alberta RSA is recognized by Surf Canada as the Alberta Provincial Sports Organization for surfing. The Alberta RSA built and maintains the river surfing waves in Alberta.

Mission and Vision Statement

The most critical work of the Alberta River Surfing Association is to build lasting, safe and high quality river waves.  The Alberta RSA is an Alberta registered not-for-profit with a mission to make river surfing a lasting, positive part of Alberta and to foster a strong surf community in Alberta with positive/constructive values in the water and out.  We work together as a community to fundraise, build waves, provide critical safety information, represent river surfing interests, welcome newcomers, act as a point of contact for media, host surf events and spread the good word of how surfing improves lives.

River surfing is an exploding sport.  Due to the construction of new and accessible waves, river surfing is becoming much more popular. Right now we are creating a working model for communities around the world. That means that every time an Alberta RSA member donates their time or starts a new project or supports the community that is multiplied on a global scale.

Our vision for surfing in Alberta is build river surfing waves in all of the major cities in Alberta.  We see an annual surf competition that has competitors from all across the province and the winner is sent as a representative to a world championship event.


Community Benefits

  • Continued existence of river surfing waves
    • All our waves would be and will be destroyed without the Alberta RSA
  • New Wave building
  • High quality information
  • Easier wave access
  • Securing grants for more and better waves and supporting facilities
  • Bridge between surfers and government
  • Social event organization



The Alberta RSA and river surfing in Alberta only exists because of the incredible support and work of volunteers from the river surfing community. Thank you all for you past, continued and future contributions.


How can community members get involved?

Volunteers are always needed for a variety tasks and teams. Become a member and drop us a line:


Facebook Page - News and Announcements

Facebook Group - Discussions and Community Interaction


Annual Events

  • Waveraiser - Spring
  • Slam the Kan - Summer
  • Year End - Winter