The Alberta River Surfing Association is an Alberta registered not for profit society.  The organization has been operating since 2005 and was incorporated in 2011.  The volunteer Board of Directors manages the operations and governs the society.  Members as volunteers fill key roles that make the society effective and successful.  Volunteer efforts of Society members have a big impact on the direction and activities of the Alberta RSA.

The Alberta RSA receives funding from membership fees, public and private grants, private donations, fundraising events and Casinos.  Funding is almost entirely targeted at building more lasting, safe and high quality surf waves.  Some funds are used to create infrastructure to improve the everyday surf experience of river surfers.  The Alberta RSA has a very minimal operational overhead.

The Alberta RSA voting membership consists of individual river surfers.  River surfers can join the Alberta RSA directly or through other Alberta based RSAs that are members of the Alberta RSA.  Businesses and Not-For-Profit can also become members of the Alberta RSA. 


The Alberta RSA and river surfing in Alberta only exists because of the incredible support and work of volunteers from the river surfing community. Thank you all for you past, continued and future contributions.



Volunteers are always needed for a variety tasks and teams. Become a member and drop us a line: